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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC*                171

January zjth, 1797.

At length I have received your packet, and
make amende honorable to all the autorites constitu-
tionnelles, whom I suspected of having so long
intercepted our correspondence. The volume of
letters before me will exceed my time to-day, and
even to-morrow, to answer fully, because I must
indulge in the pleasure of reading them over and
over savourer their contents. Some parts are
quite unintelligible to me, as I have no cipher or
key; for example, I puzzle my brains in vain to
comprehend who Justinia and her Methodist aunt
are.1 I went to bed in despair, and lay awake I
don't know how long without succeeding in finding
it out, and am no wiser this morning.

I dined yesterday with Perregaux, whose
cordial kindness to me I am apt to acknowledge
in every letter, and there met Talleyrand, ex-
bishop of Autun, lately returned from America.
We renewed acquaintance very well. He is a very
pleasant man, though a diable boiteux. He is
moving heaven and earth to get employed by the
Directory. We had also my old friend St. Foix,

i This was intended for Justin, the young Marquis de
Talaru, and his uncle I'Ev&que de Coutances, who wished
to be allowed to re-enter France from emigration.